Working from home: Why it’s the perfect time to straighten your teeth

2020 - the year of Tiger King, Zoom parties, at homeschooling, an obsession with skincare routines, and maybe a dabble with an at-home gel nail kit.

2021? The year you leverage working from home to straighten your teeth with WonderSmile Invisible Aligners.

Why start now?

Working from home is the best time to get started with Invisible Aligners. Here’s why:

  • Convenience – you have the option to start treatment at home with a Teeth Impression Kit. Alternatively, only 1 clinic visit is required and the entire treatment is delivered to your door.

  • Non-disruptive to daily life – wearing your aligners at home is easier than wearing them on the go.

  • Discreet treatment – although our aligners are invisible, you’ll be wearing them at home so nobody has to know!

  • Team meetings – your colleagues will never be able to tell that you’re wearing aligners in your team video meetings.

  • Quick results – 6 months on average with our All-Day Invisible Aligners. Debut your new smile when it counts.

  • Lastly, undertaking treatment whilst working from home means less time you’ll have to wear them in public!

How it works

Our advanced technology delivers seriously fast results.

1. Start with a 3D scan of your teeth

Our state-of-the-art scanners use the latest camera technology to take thousands of pictures per second, stitching together a 3D view of your teeth.

2. Our orthodontics team design your treatment

We show you a 3D digital model of how your teeth will straighten over time using WonderSmile invisible aligners. You’ve got options to cater for different lifestyles – All-Day Aligners and NightClear Aligners. Both options can treat a number of different issues such as crowding, crooked, gaps.

3. Get aligners delivered to your door

We’ll deliver your complete set of aligners to your home, all in a single box. Keep your new smile forever by purchasing retainers every 4-6 months.

4. Medically Supervised

Our team of experienced Orthodontists supervise your treatment plan throughout every step of your journey to ensure that you're on track to your new and improved smile.

The WonderSmile difference

We bring you a flexible, effective and affordable way to achieve the smile you’ve dreamt of. We first opened doors in Sydney in 2018 and our success has seen us go global. With locations across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, we have clinics operating across the world. Our Medical Team of qualified and experienced Orthodontists partner with you throughout your teeth straightening journey. Combining the latest digital and dental technology, we bring the ultimate convenience and fast results, to you.

Straight smiling customer results

Curious to see the amazing results from our customers? View our before and after gallery.

Very welcoming team! The consultation lasted no longer than 40mins and the scan itself was only 10minutes. All my questions were answered and they made sure before I leave I am clear with the process. The staff gave me very detailed step by step explanation of the whole 6months treatment and I am very excited to see the results after this treatment!

- C.R

What an experience. My package came with a booklet that answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend WonderSmile if you’re looking for an alternative treatment to straighten your smile at an amazing price and greater service.

- Victoria Stephan

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