What sets WonderSmile apart

People say your smile is the most important accessory you can wear, but if you don’t feel confident with your pearly whites, it can have an impact on your daily life. You’ve probably heard about the annoyances of braces, or you have friends who wear expensive aligners all day and night.

The last thing you want is to have food stuck in your braces during an important meeting, or have to fork out a small fortune for aligners – we know this because we felt the same way!

At WonderSmile, we knew braces and pricey aligners couldn’t be the only way you could achieve your dream smile. We offer an exciting, affordable way to make sure you can get the smile you want in half the time, without the need for permanent hardware or a bank loan.

What makes WonderSmile stand out?

We know braces are a pain to say the least, so we came up with an innovative product that allows you to align your smile that suits your lifestyle and budget. With our All-Day aligners, you’re guaranteed to smile big in an average of 6 months, while our Nighttime Clear aligners allow you to align your teeth while you sleep and be smiling in an average of 9 months!

Orthodontist-Designed Treatments

With WonderSmile, you can choose to have your initial 3D teeth scan at one of our clinics or have our easy impression kit sent to your door; we’re orthodontist driven, so our team will design your treatment plans and monitor your progress to ensure your teeth are on the right track. With our treatment plan guarantee, if you’re not eligible for treatment, we’ll simply refund the cost of your consultation.

Come see us, or get started at home

We’re locally focused and globally established with 23 clinics operating worldwide and we continue to offer personalised service to every single one of our customers. We’re with you every step of the way and regularly checking in - no need to visit the orthodontist’s office!

How can WonderSmile help my confidence?

There are many happy moments in life where we can’t help but smile big, and you should feel confident without worrying about your smile in pictures or social settings. Whether you have issues like crooked, crowding, gaps, or just need general straightening, WonderSmile will take you from hiding your happy expression to the person who’s always smiling!

Even when you’re wearing your invisible aligners in public you can still proudly smile, with peace of mind knowing they’re BPA and phthalates free with no nasty chemicals or toxins.

You’ll not only feel more confident during your treatment, you’ll continue feeling great long after WonderSmile has done its job. Our retainers will help keep your teeth in line well after your treatment is over.

Ready to be the person who can’t stop smiling? Book your appointment or order an Impression Kit today!