Why Aligners are the New Braces

So you’re thinking about straightening your teeth. Maybe you’ve had braces in the past and can see your teeth have started to move, or you’d simply like a straighter smile. We break down the difference between traditional metal braces and aligners.

Traditional metal braces have been around for over 50 years and consist of metal brackets attached to the outside of the teeth connected with wires and small rubber bands. The average length of time braces are fixed to the teeth is 18-24 months - which is not ideal if you’re after a subtle look and minimal treatment time.

Thankfully, dental technology has come leaps and bounds since then. Gone are the days of “brace face” and worrying about food stuck between those metal wires. Today, there are much more aesthetically pleasing options available that are flexible to your lifestyle, time, and budget.

Say hello to invisible aligners.

Aligners consist of fully transparent plastic, making it a very discreet option for teeth straightening. Our team of Orthodontists use cutting-edge software and 3D computer images to fully customise aligners to each individual’s teeth.

How do you know which teeth straightening option is for you? We weigh up the pros and cons of braces vs aligners.

Visible vs Invisible

Clear aligners have the obvious benefit of being less noticeable than traditional metal braces. Aligners can only really be detected close up and are often undetectable in photos. Braces are fixed to the teeth until the end of treatment which means they are permanently visible for the duration of your treatment.

Non-Removable vs Removable

Many of our patients love that they don’t have to worry about eating foods with their aligners. Opt for traditional braces and you’ll likely need to modify your diet slightly or do some preparation to ensure you don't eat anything that's too hard, crunchy or chewy. Clear aligners give patients the freedom of being able to take them out when they want.

Short vs Long Treatment Time

Clear aligners can make big changes to your smile, quickly. On average our clients complete their treatment within 6-9 months. Compare that to up to 3-4 years with braces.

The Wondersmile Difference

Wondersmile Invisible Aligners are the easiest way to straighten teeth in 6 months on average. Prescribed by experienced Orthodontists, our team combine their clinical expertise with cutting edge technology to customise a treatment plan to suit your goals.

How it works:

1) Start with a 3D scan of your teeth: begin your aligner journey with a scan of your teeth at a Wondersmile clinic. With clinics across the globe, you can book an appointment online.

2) Our Orthodontics Team design your treatment: We show you a 3D digital model of how your teeth will straighten over time using Wondersmile invisible aligners.

3) You get your aligners delivered to your door.

Delivered to your door? That’s right. Say goodbye to dental waiting rooms. Wondersmile Invisible Aligners are custom, clear set of complete aligners shipped straight to your door, all in a single box. Keep your new smile forever by purchasing retainers.

Wondersmile Invisible Aligners Results

The proof is in the pudding. Check out what our customers are smiling about with our aligner before and after results.

Get started commitment-free

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