Am I Eligible? What you need to know before starting treatment

Invisible aligners are a fast and easy way to say hello to a confident smile - so you might be asking yourself, am I eligible? The good news is that there are a number of issues that aligners can fix. Below we’ll breakdown whether you’re the right candidate for WonderSmile invisible aligners.

Have you had braces or worn invisible aligners before?

One of the first questions we ask our patients is whether they’ve worn braces or invisible aligners in the past. Whether it’s ageing, pressure from eating or teeth grinding, there are many reasons your teeth might move after previously wearing braces or aligners. We often see this happen with people who don't wear their retainers consistently after their teeth straightening treatment. In this case, your teeth would likely only require a smaller amount of work to get back to that dream smile that you worked so hard for.

Do you want straighter teeth?

Genetics, jaw size and thumb sucking as a child are just some of the causes of crooked teeth. While having crooked teeth can add personality to your smile, sometimes they can impact aspects of your life such as dental hygiene due to difficulty brushing. Whether your teeth are mildly, moderately or in some cases severely crooked, WonderSmile invisible aligners are a great tool to help you on your way to a more confident smile.

Are your teeth crowded?

Overcrowding is a common issue that we see in our patients. This can occur due to extra teeth, proportion of teeth size in comparison to the jaw or a misaligned bite. Aligners are a great way to fix teeth crowding issues as they help to create more space for the teeth to shift into place.

Do you have spacing issues?

Tooth gaps are trendy for some, however, you might be thinking that it’s time to close your gap. Similar to crowding, gaps can be caused by an array of issues but are usually due size of teeth which leads to a spacing problem. Gaps are a typical aesthetic problem that invisible aligners can correct.

Ready to get started?

Take our short quiz to see if you qualify. Then book a consultation or order your teeth impression kit to begin your WonderSmile journey.