Typical cases treated with Clear Aligners

Your smile is your own unique brand of personal expression when meeting friends, family and business colleagues. Smiling freely, without self-consciousness is so important for our self-esteem. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable smiling because of crooked teeth? Rather than letting that hold you back, consider Wondersmile clear aligner treatment.

What are the typical cases treated with clear aligners?

Clear aligners are typically used to treat:

  • Crooked teeth

  • Crowded teeth

  • Gap teeth

What are crooked teeth?

Teeth that are not aligned properly are referred to as crooked teeth.

This refers to teeth that are twisted (turned), overlapping and almost always crowded. Crowded teeth are teeth that are too large in relation to the jaw size, to fit properly within the jaw. Tooth size and jaw size are genetically determined, so this problem is an inherited one. Also, some people refer to teeth with gaps (spaces) or protrusion as crooked.

How do clear aligners move crooked teeth?

Once space is created, it’s relatively easy for aligners to reposition a crooked tooth. Wondersmile orthodontists will review your case to determine if you are a candidate for expansion of your teeth to create space for alignment and teeth straightening.

What are crowded teeth?

A lack of space for proper tooth alignment may be referred to as mild or severe teeth crowding. Severe crowding often requires the removal of some teeth to create space for other teeth to be straightened. Alternatively, mild to moderate crowding refers to a space shortage of up to 3-5 millimetres. That means your teeth would need another 3-5mm of space available to permit a good alignment.

How do orthodontists make space for mildly crowded teeth?

Orthodontists will either expand teeth (move them forward or outward from their original position) or polish off a tiny amount of enamel between pairs of teeth, or both, to create space. When appropriate, expanding teeth alone will create enough space to align crowded teeth, and that is how at-home clear aligner treatments like Wondersmile work.

What are spaced or gapped teeth?

Teeth with spaces or gaps may result from a genetically based imbalance between the size of the jaw and the teeth: Spaced teeth are proportionately too small in relation to the jaw size to align without having spacing between pairs of teeth. Another cause of spacing is the loss of a tooth or teeth and the drifting of neighbouring teeth. Lastly, habits like thumb sucking (yes, some adults still do this at night!) or a protruding tongue thrust (when swallowing or speaking) can cause forward displacement of the teeth. This can cause spacing or gaps between the teeth. These teeth are frequently splayed forward.

Gaps between teeth are closed by applying pressure to these teeth, with clear aligners, to push the spaced teeth backward: That means in the direction toward the palate or tongue. This is most successful when the teeth are inclined (leaning) forward to begin with. Learn more about the process of how Wondersmile aligners straighten teeth.

Which teeth can I straighten with clear aligners?

Orthodontic problems fall within a broad range of varying types and difficulties, and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Wondersmile aligners, under the guidance of our orthodontists, are successful at treating certain cases with mild to moderate teeth crowding or spacing, of the top and bottom front six teeth. See our success stories.

How long do I have to wear clear aligners?

Your treatment plan consists of wearing a sequence of clear aligners designed to deliver small, precise movements, one stage at a time. They are comfortable to wear, nearly invisible, and easy to care for. Treatment usually takes less than 6 months to straighten teeth, and wearing our aligners can easily fit into your busy schedule.

Will clear aligners work for my teeth condition?

Are you curious if Wondersmile can work for you? Take our FREE online assessment. When you’re ready to get started, you can select from two no-obligation options: Order an easy to use impression kit (that we send to your home) or schedule an appointment at one of our friendly local Wondersmile clinics to have a quick and easy optical scan (no x-rays) taken of your teeth.

Whether you send back your impressions of your teeth or have a scan done at our office, both options are used by Wondersmile to create a 3D digital model of your teeth. Once we have that, the magic begins.

What happens after my teeth scan or impressions with Wondersmile?

Our doctors and technicians review your concerns and if you have an eligible case, design a treatment plan to straighten your teeth with clear aligners. You will then see a short video showing you a customised 3D model of your treatment plan for your approval. Learn about how your clear aligners are made.

Wondersmile is the easy, affordable clear aligner treatment for patients with mild to moderate spacing or crowding, straightening teeth without the need for braces. You’re going to love your new smile!

Written by Dr. Tania Aguilar | Lead Orthodontist at Wondersmile