Sleep your way to straighter teeth with NightClear Aligners

Imagine if straightening your teeth was so easy, that you could do it in your sleep. Now you can with Wondersmile's night time clear aligners.

Just put your aligners in at night and take them out again in the morning when you’re ready to tackle your day. It’s that simple!

WonderSmile Nighttime Clear Aligners
Pop your nighttime clear aligners in before bed and see results in 9 months.

Why choose nighttime clear aligners?

Our patented NightClear Aligners are an effective, orthodontist-designed treatment that offers safe and discreet teeth straightening from the comfort of your bedroom. With only 10 hours of continuous wear-time at night, you won’t need to worry about wearing anything but your best outfit.

What are the benefits of nighttime teeth straightening with clear aligners?

Eat, drink and play during the day with no fuss and straighten your teeth while you sleep – what’s not to love? If you're someone who is active all day, busy and constantly on-the-go, our night time teeth aligners are a great option.

All your teeth alignment can happen during the night, leaving the day aligner-free, which is a great benefit. Just pop them in after brushing your teeth and scroll through your social feed one more time before bed.

What to expect with NightClear Invisible Aligners

  • Orthodontist-designed, using market-leading technology

  • FDA approved and guaranteed free of BPA and phthalates

  • Removable, invisible and non-invasive

  • 10 hours of continuous wear overnight

  • Results in an average of 9 months

  • Free shipping with your entire treatment delivered to your doorstep

  • Flexible payment plans available

How does the clear aligner process work with Wondersmile?

Daytime clear aligners and nighttime clear aligners are great alternatives to braces for adults. Gone are the days of painful braces. You know what we mean - pesky mouth ulcers, scheduling regular orthodontist appointments and giving up the foods you love for fear of breaking your braces or having leftovers hanging in those wires. We've remodelled the way teeth alignment works in the digital age, and we've kept it affordable and orthodontist-directed.

1. Start with your 3D scan or Impression Kit

Book an appointment with us. We’re conveniently located in 5 different countries across the globe. If you can't make it to one of our clinics, order a kit and start your teeth alignment from home (for selected regions).

2. Our Licensed Orthodontics team design your treatment

We show you a 3D digital model of how your teeth with straighten over time using Wondersmile invisible nighttime aligners.

3. Shipped to your door

Your complete set of night aligners gets delivered to your home, all in a single and easy-to-use box.

4. Wake up to straighter teeth

Let your night time teeth aligners do the work, while you get a good night’s sleep.

Say goodbye to waiting rooms. No more high costs. Get custom clear aligners shipped straight to your door for up to 60% less and see results, fast.

Wondersmile All-Day vs NightClear Aligners – which option is right for me?

Check out this blog for a detailed overview. If you like simple graphs (who doesn’t?!) Just check out the below. If you're someone who is active all day, busy and constantly on-the-go, our nighttime aligners are a great option. All your teeth alignment can happen during the night, leaving the day aligner-free. Just pop them in after brushing your teeth, scroll through your social feed one more time before bed. Your aligners do the work while you sleep.

The Wondersmile Difference with clear aligners

At Wondersmile we offer a 1-year Treatment Guarantee which means We're committed to providing any additional treatment at no extra cost from the date you complete your treatment plan for the next 365 days. Our programs are completely Orthodontist Directed with a team of Licensed Orthodontists to create your treatment plan and track your progress every step of the way. Plus, with clinics across the globe in 5 different countries, we’re closer than you think. Come in for your 3D Scan or we’ll send you an Impression Kit. Whatever works for you.

What our customers are saying about their clear aligners…

Danielle P - Had a great experience

I am extremely pleased with how much straighter my teeth are only 3 months into my treatment plan. I can't wait to see the end result. Customer service has also been great, I would highly recommend these aligners.

Kelly - I feel so much more confident now!

My teeth had moved so much over the last 15 years since I got my braces removed. I decided to go to WonderSmile & they have been incredible!! No need for regular check-ups at a Dentist - I only needed 1 appointment to get a 3D scan then my Orthodontist made my retainers to align my teeth & all the stages arrived at my house in one box!

No one can even tell that I’m wearing them as they are completely invisible but everyone has commented on how straight my teeth are!! I feel so much more confident now.

Sunjay - Perfect Teeth after 6 Months

I was a little nervous at the start, as I had read negative things about “at home aligners” however, I am pleased to say I went ahead and have been blown away with the success!! I had a Madonna gap in the bottom of my teeth, minor spacing and my front bottom teeth were inverting in the middle (would have gotten worse with age) but otherwise, ok. I went to both Invisalign and WonderSmile consults, yet, I found the aligners to be exactly the same material producing the same results. However, with WonderSmile, there are no fortnightly visits to dentist, half the price of Invisalign and no BUTTONS!! Invisalign make you wear buttons which can be quite unsightly when the aligners removed. Value & convenience help me opt WonderSmile.

To be honest I have no complaints. WonderSmile have been nothing short of fantastic!! Always very helpful, even in providing two invoices for my healthcare provider which allowed me to claim back the full amount of the treatment, minus $80. It’s been such an easy process with minor tenderness (normal) in the first 2-4 days after changing aligners, but very, very easy!!

Below is a picture of my results - see for yourself, my teeth have changed so much! It’s the best decision I’ve made and great value for money. Thank you WonderSmile :D

WonderSmile Before and After Clear Aligner Treatment
Closing the gap: A happy and confident customer, before and after clear aligner treatment

Night Time Clear Aligners Next Steps

To see if you're a candidate, you can take our free online assessment. Then you'll be ready to book your 3D scan at a clinic nearest you. Get a confidence-boosting smile while you sleep.

Take a free online assessment today and discover if you’re a suitable candidate!