Meet Dr. Tania Aguilar Wondersmile's Lead Orthodontist

To celebrate World Orthodontic Health Day, we'd like to introduce you to our Lead Orthodontist Dr. Tania Aguilar. The 30+ years of experience behind Dr. Aguilar and her team have created confident smiles by delivering clear aligner treatments to 10,000+ doors around the world.

Keep reading to find out about what a Wondersmile orthodontist does behind the scenes when designing your clear aligner treatment plan.

Meet Wondersmile's Lead Orthodontist Dr. Tania Aguilar

Dr. Aguilar is an experienced orthodontist with a passion for digital orthodontics. She studied dentistry in Nicaragua, then moved to Costa Rica to complete her studies in orthodontics. Dr. Aguilar has witnessed incredible transformations and smiles in her patients with invisible aligners.

At Wondersmile, Dr. Aguilar leads a qualified and experienced team of orthodontists and dentists who use state-of-the-art technology to create clear aligner treatment plans with strict quality control.

The science behind every confident smile created is based on over 20 years of clear aligner orthodontics and research.

What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

The difference between orthodontists and dentists is that orthodontists have an additional 2-3 years of postdoctoral training to become teeth movement experts.

What are the typical cases treated with Wondersmile clear aligners?

Our invisible aligners treat crooked teeth, gap teeth and crowded teeth. Our teeth straightening treatment plans target the front 6 and front bottom teeth. With results in 6-9 months. And some patients report seeing their teeth move after only 4 months.

What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a dentist who has a post-graduate degree specializing in tooth movement, bone, and occlusion problems.

What does a Wondersmile Orthodontist do?

Our Wondersmile orthodontists supervise the creation of teeth straightening treatment plans with clear aligners. They determine if clear aligners are suitable for the teeth condition. There is a preliminary analysis and the orthodontists hold team meetings where each case is analysed in-depth.

What is the difference between teeth straightening with a regular orthodontist and at Wondersmile?

The difference is that Wondersmile offers you an invisible aligner treatment that can solve mild to moderate problems focused on aesthetics, it is an invisible and removable teeth straightening treatment, which conventional orthodontics would not allow. It’s perfect for all ages and maintains confidence for individual wearers.

Does Wondersmile provide the same level of care as a regular orthodontist?

Yes. However the level of commitment on the part of the patient has to be higher, our orthodontists guide the process step by step, but to achieve the best teeth straightening results patients need to follow the treatment plan and prescribed wear-time for each aligner set.

What happens behind the scenes at Wondersmile?

After your 3D teeth scan:

As soon as your teeth are digitally scanned, these files are sent to our orthodontic team led by Dr. Tania Aguilar. They evaluate and determine if our clear aligners are suitable for the teeth condition.

After you post your teeth impressions: Once we receive the impressions you posted, they are scanned by our team. This is how we go from a physical model to a digital one. It's at this point our orthodontists will evaluate the case and, if eligible, will then proceed with the development of the clear aligner treatment plan. You can order an impression kit to get started here.

Behind each clear aligner treatment plan, there is a preliminary analysis and our orthodontists hold team meetings where each case is analysed in-depth with the aim of creating a plan that fits each need and achieves aesthetic and functional goals for straightening teeth. Each case is a new challenge for our team to create the most confident smile.

What happens after Wondersmile orthodontists create the clear aligner treatment plan?

Once the treatment plan has been created virtually, our orthodontists break down your treatment step-by-step. We send you a video so you can see the plan created for you. In this step, if there are questions, you can contact us and we can address any questions. You can then approve the treatment plan and then production will start on clear aligners. The manufacturing process begins and all the aligners of your treatment are printed. Then packed, checked and delivered directly to you.

Who supervises my clear aligner treatment?

The teeth straightening process, from start to finish, is supervised by specialists who are supported by our customer care team available 7 days a week.

How do I get started with clear aligners?

Start with Wondersmile's FREE online teeth assessment to see if your teeth are eligible for clear aligners. You can also get started by booking a teeth scan at one of our clinics. The scan is fast, easy and completely pain-free. Alternatively, if you want to skip the clinic and start the process from home, you can order one of our teeth impression kits that we'll deliver to your door.