How to use our Teeth Impression Kit at home

Want to straighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home? WonderSmile have got you covered. While we offer the option to book an in-person clinic consultation in one of our many clinics global wide, we understand that there are a few reasons you might not be able to make it in. So, whether you’re busy with work or just want to start your teeth straightening journey between Netflix episodes, here’s a step by step guide to getting the best out of our at Home Impression Kits.

*Currently for Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom customers only.

What you’ll receive in your WonderSmile Impression Kit

  • 4 x Impression trays and 4 x sets of putty

  • Easy to read instructions

  • Mouth retractor and gloves for hygiene

  • Pre-paid return shipping label

What you’ll need to get started

  • It can get a bit messy, so have a towel on hand to clean up any excess saliva when you take your impressions out

  • Brush and floss to clean up those pearly whites

  • A timer to keep track of your impressions

  • Your best smile!

How To make your best impression

We recommend doing your impressions in a setting with bright lights and a mirror such as your bathroom.

Step 1: Brush and floss your teeth

Brush and floss your teeth so nothing gets stuck in the impression trays.

Step 2: Wash your hands and glove up

Good hygiene is important so make sure that you wash and dry your hands before opening your kit.

Step 3: Take out your trays and putty

Take out one set of trays (one upper and one lower) and four putty containers (two blue and two white).

Step 4: Mix Putty

Mix one blue and one white putty together until they are one solid colour. Once you start mixing, you’ll have to be quick! The putty mixture takes 60 seconds to set and you'll need to get it onto the tray as quickly as possible.

Step 5: Place putty into the impression tray

Roll the solid colour putty mix between your hands to create an even cylinder around 4 inches / 10cm long. Place the putty roll into the upper tray, making sure to fill the entire U-shape tray evenly.

Step 6: Make your impression

Wait 2 seconds before placing the tray in your mouth and push it up onto your teeth with a normal amount of pressure (not too hard but not too soft). Hold the tray using your thumbs to ensure it doesn’t move while making your impression and bite down gently until light contact is made with the putty on the tray. Set your timer and wait 3 ½ minutes.

Important to remember

  • Make sure not to drag the tray when removing it from your mouth. The best method for the upper tray is to pull down, then pull out and for the lower tray is to pull up, then pull out.

  • Removing the tray can be a bit messy, so have your towel on hand to wipe up any excess saliva

Step 7: Send photos for review

Before starting your second impressions, take a photo of your moulds and send them via email to us. We’ll respond if there’s anything you need to change for your second set and answer any of your questions or concerns. Once we’re happy with your moulds it’s time to repeat the process.

Step 8: Do it again!

Repeat steps 1 to 7 for the lower arch.

Step 9: Post moulds to WonderSmile

Send all 4 moulds back to WonderSmile using the pre-paid label or envelope provided.

Once complete, you’re on your way to a perfect smile!

Ready to get started on your WonderSmile journey from home? Order your kit today!