How to make your new smile last

So, you’ve finally done it! You’ve finished your Wondersmile Invisible Aligner treatment and now you’re rocking a confident, straight smile – you radiate happiness!

Which begs the question – what happens after you’ve completed your invisible aligner treatment and how can you maintain your new smile?

First things first, you’ll need to wear retainers after any kind of teeth straightening.

Wondersmile organise invisible retainers made specifically for your new smile and they are delivered to your door for ultimate convenience.

Wear your retainers as instructed by our qualified team

We recommend you wear your clear retainers full-time for 2 weeks after the completion of your invisible aligner treatment. After that, retainers are required to be worn daily for 8 hours per day which you can do so during your sleep. Winning!

Just like our teeth straightening aligners, all of our retainers are clear which means they’re invisible – no one will ever know you’re wearing them. Plus, you’ll never need to worry about having a permanent bar fixed to the back of your teeth (where food gets stuck and bad breath lives). Our clear aligners are FDA approved and are guaranteed free of BPAand phthalates.

For hygiene and effectiveness, retainers must be replaced at least once every 6 months. Some customers prefer 3 retainers per year, every 4 months. All Wondersmile clients are covered by our 1-year Treatment Guarantee. Our Treatment Guarantee is our commitment to providing additional treatment at no extra cost from the date you complete your treatment plan for the next 365 days*.

Look after your retainers

Safe ways to look after your retainers include:

  • Clean your teeth or at least thoroughly rinse after eating before placing your retainers back into your mouth

  • Give your retainers a proper clean at least once a day. It might seem like the obvious choice, but avoid cleaning your retainer with toothpaste as this may be too abrasive. Instead, a tiny bit of hand soap on a brush will work perfectly.

  • Avoid hot water or high temperatures as this may warp the plastic materials

  • Over time your retainers will undergo wear and tear. This is completely normal and to be expected. We recommend replacing them every 4 months to ensure you continue loving your best results.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Your new straight smile requires good oral hygiene. Follow these steps to maintain healthy teeth and gums:

  • Brush thoroughly twice a day

  • Floss daily

  • Eat a balanced diet and limit snacks between meals

  • Use dental products that contain fluoride, including toothpaste

  • Rinse with a fluoride mouth rinse if your dentist advises you to

But… why do I need to wear retainers?

It starts with the basics and it comes down to science. Your teeth are partly held in place by the surrounding jawbone. During your Wondersmile treatment your jawbone would have softened or disappeared (otherwise known as a process called resorption) so that your teeth could move into their final, straight positions.

Once you’ve completed your Wondersmile Invisible Aligner treatment, you need to wear retainers so that your teeth are held in place while new bone is deposited. It takes about 9 to 12 months for your body to build up enough bone to stabilise your teeth.

Want to see our patient results? Check out their brand new smiles via our teeth straightening before and after gallery.

*To remain qualified for our Treatment Guarantee, you must use retainers provided by Wondersmile. For terms and conditions visit our Treatment Guarantee T&C's.

Need to order new retainers?

Simply log in to your Wondersmile account through our website and click 'purchase retainers.' Have any questions or concerns about your retainers? Get in contact with our customer care team today!


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