Did you know teeth insecurities affect 53% of us?

Smiles are powerful.

They make us and others feel instantly better. They connect us, create trust, and show a willingness to cooperate. They're also one of the most powerful communication tools — across rooms and across cultures.

A single smile can create instant change for the better.

But did you know....?

A recent study revealed that almost 50%* of people reported that teeth insecurities have stopped them from attending a social event.

However, the good news is, 83%* of people who straightened their teeth reported an increase in confidence.

The real impact of teeth insecurities

Teeth insecurities are much more than covering your teeth when you smile.

We learned, that almost 38%* of people say teeth insecurities have stopped them from asking someone out on a date.

And 32%* say teeth insecurities have stopped them from applying for a job they were interested in or resulted in them declining an invitation to go on a date.

Sometimes all it takes is a small tweak to the front upper and lower teeth, to help people smile with more confidence. And clear aligners are an affordable and easy way to straighten teeth and beat these teeth insecurities.

The connection between teeth straightening and confidence

We care about our appearance more than ever.

And it's something that's felt across all generations, but more so for Gen Z and Millennials.

About 86%* of Gen Z and Millennials have concerns about their appearance. And 36%* of Millennials avoid using their photo for social profiles and put their hand over their mouth when talking to people.

However, it's very common after teeth straightening that people report feeling more confident and show their teeth in photos and when they talk to others.

Our mission at Wondersmile is to help people smile with more confidence after straightening their teeth with clear aligners.

What is power-smiling and how can it impact our confidence and our teeth?

Mel Schilling, MAFS relationship expert and confidence coach, shares a simple trick with her clients when they need a little confidence-boost to power smile. Mel says, "even if you're feeling self-conscious and don't feel like smiling, I highly recommend this confidence-boosting technique to improve how you look and feel about yourself."

And adds, "those little imperfections such as that wonky tooth or uneven smile can go from being small annoyances to huge insecurities and have a big impact on how we feel about ourselves."

That's where Wondersmile can help. Our clear aligners are more comfortable and affordable than braces with results in 4-6 months on average.

Get your most confident smile with clear aligners

Clear aligners are the next generation of braces.

Each set of aligners is programmed to move teeth incrementally. This mimics the monthly tightening of braces and is the reason why teeth straightening with clear aligners requires no monthly clinic visits.

What are clear aligners and how can they help boost confidence?

The science behind every smile we create is based on over 20 years of clear aligner orthodontics. Orthodontists have learned that teeth and their movements are predictable. We know that putting certain pressure on teeth, with plastic resin that's BPA-free, for the right amount of time can result in straighter teeth in 4-6 months on average.

Clear aligners are ideal for teeth tweaks. As we know, sometimes something so small can become so amplified in our minds, cause stress and lead to a decrease in confidence.

How do I get started with Wondersmile's clear aligners?

To start the journey to straight teeth with Wondersmile you can take the FREE online teeth assessment. From there, you can book a scan (it's painless and fast) or order an impression kit (we'll deliver the clinic to you). Find out more about clear aligners and the process and how we deliver them in one easy-to-use kit to your door.

*Online survey conducted in partnership with independent research agency, YouGov. Total N= 1,033 (All respondents aged 18+). Nationally representative versus census data (Gender, Age and Location). Fieldwork conducted in Australia 29/010/2021 - 03/11/2021.