How are Clear Aligners made?

Your clear aligner treatment with Wondersmile is backed by the latest cutting edge, digital technology in dentistry. Traditional orthodontic treatment with braces relies upon standardised (one size fits all) braces and wires that have to be customised for each patient at their appointments. Alternately, Wondersmile clear aligner treatments are made from a customised approach, from the very start.

How does the clear aligner process with Wondersmile begin?

Before your clear aligners are made, your smile journey begins with a digital model of your teeth. You may select from two options to get the process started: Order an impression kit or schedule a 3D scan at one of our friendly local Wondersmile clinics to have a quick and easy optical scan (no x-rays) taken of your teeth.

How does Wondersmile's teeth impression kit work?

If you select an at-home impression kit, we’ll send it right to your home. Then follow the instructions on how to take an impression of your teeth. Once you’ve taken your impressions, send them back to Wondersmile to have the impressions scanned by our lab to create a 3D digital model of your teeth. Alternatively, getting your teeth scanned at one of our offices (the most accurate option), will generate the same kind of digital file.

What happens after the 3D teeth scan?

Once we have a 3D model of your teeth, the magic begins. Wondersmile's doctors and technicians review your concerns and design a treatment plan to straighten your teeth. Not all orthodontic problems are eligible to be treated by at home clear aligner systems, but if you have mild crowding or spacing, you are likely a candidate for treatment. Please always first see your dentist to make sure your teeth are healthy enough to be straightened safely.

What is included in the clear aligner treatment plan?

Your treatment plan consists of wearing a sequence of clear aligners that are manufactured to deliver small, precise movements, one stage at a time. Wondersmile will deliver the clear aligner kit to your door with monthly photo check-ins reviewed by the team of orthodontists.

How are clear aligners made?

Wondersmile’s doctors use high tech computer aided design software (CAD) to divide your treatment into several stages, because your teeth can’t move from start to finish in just one step. Teeth have to move in small increments to be safely aligned. And you will get to see a short video showing you a customised 3D model of your treatment plan for your approval.

It’s really amazing to see the transformation that is planned for your smile. Once you approve the simulation created for your treatment, Wondersmile gets to work manufacturing your aligners.

How are clear aligners printed?

Using CAD/CAM technology, the starting positions of all your teeth, and each successive stage, are registered and preserved in 3D resin printed models. CAD/CAM, stands for computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing. The design part creates the staged sequence of tooth movements, and the manufacturing part creates the actual resin models of the teeth at each stage.

How are the different stages of clear aligners made?

If an average treatment requires 12 aligner stages, for example, then 12 models or casts of your teeth are printed. The printing process for each cast involves adding incremental layers of resin that are hardened by a laser. That creates the cast of your teeth. Then, a piece of plastic is heated, pressure adapted, trimmed and polished to custom make each clear aligner. These clear aligners are labelled, bagged sequentially, and packaged in boxes that are sent directly to your home, all in a single box.

Once you start your treatment, it is monitored remotely by our team using teledentistry. Periodically Wondersmile asks that you send close-up photos of your teeth to monitor your progress. Our team is always available if you have any questions or need help.

What are clear aligners made from?

Wondersmile aligners are made in their labs in the USA and Germany. The aligners are made of thermoplastic polyurethane resin material that is BPA & Phthalates free, and fully compliant with FDA & TGA regulations.

How is it possible that Wondersmile clear aligners are more affordable?

The complete digital workflow reduces clinic overheads and markups. Once the 3D scans of your teeth are uploaded to our patient management platform, then the orthodontic design team is able to work off the 3D scans instantly, to complete the diagnosis and design treatment plan in the treatment planning software. Once you’ve approved your new smile plan, clear aligner manufacture and shipping gets underway and is tracked until completed.

How do I start my clear aligner journey with Wondersmile?

Book an appointment for a scan at one of Wondersmile's friendly local clinics. Also, if you have any questions, you can speak with one of their helpful customer care team members. You’re going to love your new smile!

Written by Dr. Richard Schechtman.