Eat popcorn and more with Clear Aligners

To celebrate Popcorn Lover's Day, we're taking a look at the benefits of clear teeth aligners compared to metal braces and we're starting with eating.

When it comes to eating and drinking, clear aligners have the advantage over braces.

Clear aligners are removable. You simply take them out to eat and drink what you want when you want. Popcorn is a food to avoid with traditional braces. Popcorn hulls can get stuck under the braces, the pressure can damage a bracket or snap a wire while chewing the popcorn.

With clear aligners, you can begin popping your favourite snack with friends and family without the worry of breaking a bracket.

Here's more on what you need to know about the difference between invisible aligners and braces.

Eating food with braces vs clear aligners

Clear aligners are not designed to take the pressure of biting and chewing that's why you can conveniently remove them to eat and drink. Braces are attached to teeth with an adhesive, so there's always a chance that biting into something hard will cause a brace to dislodge from a tooth, which then means a visit to the orthodontist.

Braces and wires have a tendency to trap food making it difficult to clean. Compared to braces, clear aligners are easy to keep clean. Brush clear aligners morning and night as you would your teeth. It's also recommended to brush and rinse your aligners when you remove them throughout the day.

The pain of braces vs clear aligners

Comfort is definitely a factor when it comes to comparing braces and clear aligners.

Clear aligners apply gentle pressure to teeth in a more comfortable way than braces.

People report some discomfort when first starting clear aligner treatment. Compared to braces, clear aligners apply less pressure to the teeth than braces, which results in a more comfortable and less painful teeth straightening journey.

Clear braces vs clear aligners, which is more discreet?

Most people won’t know you’re straightening your teeth with clear aligners.

Metal braces are visually the most obvious and generally used for more complex teeth straightening cases. Clear braces are less obvious and typically take longer to give results than metal braces.

When comparing clear aligners to clear braces, aligners are the most discreet and invisible option. People won’t know you’re wearing invisible aligners. Plus clear aligners are easily removable for meals and snacks.

Which straightens teeth faster, clear aligners or metal braces?

Clear aligners straighten teeth in an average of 4-6 months. Clear aligners are ideal for mild to moderate teeth crowding and gaps of the front 6 upper and lower teeth. Braces are for more complex cases with results in an average of 18-24 months.

The cost of braces vs the cost of aligners

Technology has created convenience and affordability when it comes to teeth straightening with clear aligners. And typically you'll pay up to 60% less for clear aligners compared to metal braces.

Braces vs aligners, which is better for me?

Teeth straightening has changed a lot in the last 100 years. For most of that time metal braces dominated, but in the last 20 years, clear aligners have proven to be a teeth straightening force, delivering faster results at more affordable prices.

If you have mild to moderate teeth crowding and spacing, clear aligners are a more affordable, more comfortable and more convenient way to straighten teeth than braces.

How do I get started with clear aligners?

Start with Wondersmile's FREE online teeth assessment to see if your teeth are eligible for clear aligners. You can also get started by booking a teeth scan at one of our clinics. The scan is fast, easy and completely pain-free. Alternatively, if you want to skip the clinic and start the process from home, you can order one of our teeth impression kits that we'll deliver to your door.