At-Home Teeth Straightening: What you need to know

We bring the clinic and all the benefits of smile aligners direct to you.

Advances in teledentistry have allowed Wondersmile to support and provide teeth straightening care and delivery that is affordable and convenient. And it's all done and monitored at your home.

What is at-home teeth straightening?

It's convenient, time-saving and affordable.

Orthodontists have learned that certain tooth movements are predictable. And teeth straightening can be monitored remotely rather than requiring visits to an orthodontist’s office every few weeks. Clear aligners have the wire changes that braces require already programmed into the sequence of aligners that are delivered to your door. This eliminates monthly clinic visits and drives down the cost of our invisible teeth straighteners.

Read more about how aligners work here.

Easy and convenient teeth straightening starts with making your teeth impressions at home.

What does at-home teeth straightening treat?

Gaps, crowding and crooked teeth.

If you're 12 and up*, and have all your adult teeth, you're eligible to take our FREE online assessment to see if you're a candidate for teeth straightening with invisible braces.

Clear aligners are an effective way to treat mild to moderate crowding, gaps and crooked teeth. And you'll see results in an average of 6 months with expert care delivered remotely by our team of orthodontists. Our invisible aligners are also an affordable and convenient teeth straightening option for people who have had braces and noticed their teeth have shifted out of alignment.

What are the results with at-home clear aligners?

People love their results and our service.

With 10,000+ smiles treated and counting, we've been rated Excellent on Trustpilot for our friendly and professional approach to teeth straightening with clear braces.

Your teeth matter the most to us. We have a customer care team who is available 7 days a week with monitoring by our team of orthodontists. Plus we have a 1-year Treatment Guarantee, which means when your treatment ends our commitment doesn't. You can read more about how we guarantee smiles for life here.

How does at-home teeth straightening work?

It's easy and affordable to start.

Not everyone has time to visit one of our clinics for a 3D scan.

So, we've developed a way, with our team of orthodontists, that essentially brings the clinic to you. It starts with an Impression Kit. You create your teeth moulds at home, which are essentially imprints of your teeth, that our orthodontists use to determine if you're eligible for our aligner treatment. Your teeth moulds are also used to create your personalised series of clear aligners.

What happens after I order an Impression Kit?

Prep work is key.

Doing an impression for the first time can be daunting.

We know. We've done it! However, we've made the process easy to follow.

There's a booklet that comes in the kit, a blog post on how to use our at-home Impression Kit, plus a short tutorial you can watch.

Need help making your Wondersmile teeth impressions?

You can book a 30-minute video call with our impression specialists. It's FREE and we'll be there in real time to guide you through the impression process and answer any questions along the way. Book your free online impression kit consultation below:

Australia - book here New Zealand - book here

UK/EU - book here

What's inside the Impression Kit?

Everything you need to create your teeth impressions.

Two upper and two lower trays. Putty for the moulds. Plus a smile stretcher.

Read our a step by step guide on how to do your impressions or watch our quick tutorial video to help you get started.

When making a teeth impression, one of the most important things is how you remove your impressions. You want to avoid "drag". This is when you pull out the impressions at an angle and the pressure of this moves the putty, which essentially compromises a perfect impression. Read more about it here.

Rolling the putty is one of the first steps in making your teeth moulds at home.

What happens after I return my teeth impressions to Wondersmile?

Our orthodontists will get to work.

Once we receive your impressions, our team of orthodontists designs your treatment plan and determine if you're eligible for clear aligner treatment. Our aligners are ideal for mild-to-moderate crowding and spacing of the front 6 top and bottom teeth.

Once your treatment is approved, we'll send you treatment times, a 3D before and after video that will show exactly how your teeth will move during the treatment. Then all you have to do is accept the treatment plan and we'll ship your complete invisible aligner treatment in one box to your doorstep. From there, you'll upload monthly progress pics for our team of orthodontists to check and ensure that your treatment is on track and progressing as planned.

At-home teeth straightening with invisible braces really is that easy and convenient. Plus with Wondersmile, you'll be supported by a customer care team 7 days a week with a stellar reputation on Trustpilot and a 4.8 / 5 rating.

Where can I order a Wondersmile Impression Kit?

Order your Impression Kit here and join over 10,000+ others who have taken the step to a more confident smile.