Are clear aligners safe for teeth straightening?

Tens of thousands of smile conscious customers are excited about their beautiful new smile results created with Wondersmile Aligners. It’s an easy and effective way to achieve your best smile.

Clear aligners can treat a number of common orthodontic problems, including mild overcrowding or spacing; turned or overlapping teeth, and some dental protrusions. Most corrections occur within only 6 months, and wearing Wondersmile aligners is easy to fit into your lifestyle and busy schedule.

WonderSmile Clear Aligners | Teeth Straightening that's safe and affordable
Clear aligners are a safe and fast way to straighten teeth, directed by our team orthodontists.

To achieve smile success, Wondersmile Aligners should be worn as prescribed in your treatment plan except when eating and brushing your teeth (and we give you a case to keep your aligners safe when not wearing them).

But what about the safety of clear aligners?

Your treatment is designed and directed by a team of orthodontists.

Wondersmile has made it so easy to transform your smile, you may assume that straightening teeth is a simple process that doesn’t even require a dentist or orthodontist. Not true! Straightening teeth is a feat of bioengineering that is designed by an orthodontist and requires the application of gentle calibrated forces (from clear aligners) to your teeth. This requires a thorough understanding of the biology of bone and tooth movement.

The science behind every patient’s Wondersmile treatment is based upon over 20 years of clear aligner orthodontics. And clear aligner treatment reliably has been shown to be a safe way to straighten teeth.

Orthodontists understand that safe teeth movement, first and foremost, requires that a patient have good dental health. That means before starting any clear aligner treatment, it’s important to visit your dentist for a dental examination. That way your dentist can confirm that your teeth, roots and gums are healthy. A healthy mouth is a prerequisite for safe, effective orthodontic treatment with clear aligners.

Common concerns about clear aligner treatment

No. Your teeth won't fall out and aligners don't cause teeth erosion.

Perhaps you have seen stories online from patients who used other brands of clear aligners, claiming that aligners can make teeth fall out. Can this happen?! That can only happen to a patient who has periodontal disease or shortened roots, and either did not seek a dental examination before straightening their teeth or ignored prior dental recommendations. So, always see your dentist for a checkup before starting your Wondersmile treatment, to confirm that your teeth are fit to undergo orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, in the absence of dental disease, properly prescribed clear aligners will not cause teeth to fall out!

Another concern I’ve heard is whether clear aligners cause erosion or damage to the teeth. The answer is “no” provided that patients keep their teeth and aligners clean. Wearing aligners without having brushed teeth can lead to damage, but the solution is simple: Clean teeth and clean aligners will never damage your enamel.

While the materials in Wondersmile's clear aligners are approved as safe and free of BPA and phthalates, there have been some rare reports of patients who are allergic to the plastic used in clear aligners. These patients may experience mild symptoms, such as tingling of the gums, lips or cheeks, sore throat. While extremely rare, a serious allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) can occur, where there is difficulty breathing and swallowing, or tightening of the chest. If this were to occur, seek immediate emergency medical care. If you have any history of allergies to plastics, it would be wise to have allergy testing done.

Lastly, patients who have problems with chronic dry mouth (Xerostomia), a condition where salivary flow is diminished, may find aligner wear uncomfortable. Drinking plenty of water daily helps support saliva flow, and is a comfort for dry mouth. However, there are easy ways to make your aligners more comfortable.

Why Wondersmile Is Better

Wondersmile's customer care is rated excellent with results guaranteed for life.

A distinguishing feature of the Wondersmile experience is that your teeth movements are designed and approved by real orthodontists, not dentists. What’s the difference? Orthodontists are dentists with an additional 2-3 years of postdoctoral training specialising in improving smiles. That’s all they do: They are the tooth movement experts in dentistry.

Dentists are experts at treatments like fillings, crowns, implants, root canals and teeth removal. Orthodontists focus all their studies and practice on the science and practice of straightening teeth. That is who designs your smile plan after either scan your teeth at one of the Wondersmile clinics, or you send in photos and impressions of your teeth.

After ordering your aligners, several clear aligner companies send you all your aligners, and you’re “on your own”. There is no follow through after you’ve ordered your aligners. How will you know if they are working properly? Wondersmile is different. After you receive your aligners, Wondersmile asks you to upload periodic teeth photos to your customer dashboard. They review these to verify that your treatment is progressing according to plan.

These measures are Wondersmile’s way of assuring best results with the greatest safety in at- home clear aligner treatment.

When your treatment plan is finished, Wondersmile's customer care isn’t. Your results are guaranteed for life. If your teeth move out of alignment, they will correct it at no extra cost to you.*

How do I get started with clear aligners?

It's easy.

To see if you're a candidate for clear aligners today, simply take the 30-second quiz here.

*To remain qualified for Wondersmile's 1-year Treatment Guarantee, you must use retainers provided by Wondersmile. All purchases will be reflected in your Wondersmile account.

Written by Dr. Richard Schechtman.