How to get a great smile with hassle-free Clear Aligners

Whether you're a fashionista or a budget-conscious consumer, everyone is looking to be their best selves and live their best lives. And a bright, beautifully aligned smile plays a key role.

The easy and fast way to accelerate your best smile is with Wondersmile Clear Aligners. Clear aligners gently move your teeth to a more aesthetic, balanced alignment, without any office visits….yet, your treatment will be planned by a licensed and experienced orthodontist.

WonderSmile Clear Aligners
Become your most confident self with easy teeth straightening.

What can Wondersmile's teeth aligners correct for you?

Crooked, spaced or crowded teeth? Have you had braces before and your teeth have shifted over time? Or are you looking for an alternative to braces? Wondersmile corrects it all seamlessly and easily. As long as you are in good dental health, an evaluation by Wondersmile orthodontists is in your future. Read on!

What You Need To Do Before Your Clear Aligners

Before you start your teeth straightening journey, I encourage patients to visit a dentist first for a complete examination that includes x-ray images, and a cleaning to rule out or resolve any preexisting dental problems (cracked teeth, decay, gum disease) which would compromise the safety and success of your aligner treatment. It’s your moment to ensure a successful smile transformation and start with a no-obligation evaluation by Wondersmile's orthodontists.

How does the clear aligner process work with Wondersmile?

Now it’s your turn to sit back and relax with a visit to one of Wondersmile's convenient clinics. The informative team members will take a few moments to answer your questions, comfortably scan your teeth at the clinic with an optical wand and create a 3D digital model. Within a week you’ll receive a 3D digital model simulation* of your customised smile plan designed by one of Wondersmile's top orthodontists. You approve and they design, manufacture and deliver directly to your home your made-to-order crystal clear aligners.

With more complex orthodontic problems it sometimes requires a few office visits to one of Wondersmile's partner dental practices for some minimal additional treatment to prepare your teeth for clear aligners.

*3D computer simulations are accurate but actual clinical results may vary.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Gentle pressure and time are the keys to straightening teeth through Wondersmile’s tailored and affordable approach to your smile transformation. Wondersmile’s crystal clear aligners are designed to precisely guide your teeth into the most ideal position. You will be given a series of up to 18 aligners, each one slightly different, which progressively move your teeth a tiny distance at a time.

It can take a little getting used to wearing clear aligners. Aligners may feel snug at first and this resolves quickly. And, they are a much more comfortable alternative to braces!

How Much Do I Have To Wear My Clear Aligners?

Each clear aligner for our All-Day treatment is worn at least 22 hours daily for just 14 days. As teeth move, the bone around the teeth needs adequate time to allow the shift and to then heal and harden around the new positions. Wearing your aligners less than the recommended hours and days can result in your teeth not moving according to plan. So avoid delays by just putting the right amount of time into the treatment.

Questions or concerns during your treatment? Wondersmile's patients are provided with as much guidance they need to ensure the greatest outcome.

How Will My Smile Look Wearing Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are so invisible and so comfortable, you may just forget that you are wearing them. And friends may never know you are straightening your teeth. Patients can discreetly remove aligners for meals and snacks. And, consistency guarantees progress. Wondersmile makes it easy to remember when it’s time to switch to your next aligner using your online account.

How do I look after my teeth and my clear aligners?

It’s just practising simple oral hygiene – floss daily and brush twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. That’s it. Always remove your Wondersmile aligners for eating and drinking anything other than water. Why? Any food or drink with sugar or carbohydrates can get under the aligner and cause tooth decay. Proper low sugar dietary choices and oral hygiene are your safeguards against developing tooth decay. It’s easy to remember -- whenever you finish snacks or meal, brush your teeth and aligners. If you’re away from home and unable to do so, simply rinse your mouth and aligners with water until you can brush at home.

What Happens After I Am Done With Clear Aligner Treatment?

After completing your clear aligner series, you’ll be flashing a flawless smile! Since teeth have a very good “memory” they will regress to their original crooked positions, unless held in place. That’s where retainers come in to ensure your new smile lasts.

Retainers are removable clear appliances that are worn every night after the completion of your Wondersmile treatment to maintain your awesome results. Think of them as pyjamas for your teeth. Retainers look identical to the clear aligners but are made of a more durable material. You should replace them periodically as they get stretched out with time, and will no longer hold your teeth snugly. To remain eligible for Wondersmile’s Treatment Guarantee, you’ll need to purchase retainers every 4-6 months and upload all required teeth progress photos. Click here to see the full terms and conditions.

To ensure that your teeth don’t regress to their original positions, you can order customised night-time retainers to maintain your awesome results. Wondersmile continues to watch over your new sparkling smile, while you sleep.

How do I get clear aligners with Wondersmile?

Wondersmile has helped over 20,000 smiles and the results are life-changing.

Book a 3D scan or order your home impression kit and start your teeth alignment journey with Wondersmile.

Written by Dr Richard Schechtman.