5 reasons you should straighten your teeth

Want straight teeth without the hassle, pain and look of braces? At up to 60% less than the cost of braces, Wondersmile Invisible Aligners offer a discreet, affordable and convenient solution to teeth straightening.

Are you wanting your new smile in time for a special event in 4 to 6 months from now? Or perhaps you want the flexibility of only wearing Invisible Aligners at nighttime. Either way, we’ve got you covered with two options, tailored to your needs – choose from our All-Day Invisible Aligners or our NightClear Invisible Aligners. View the breakdown between our two different treatments here.

Our orthodontic treatments offer remote monitoring throughout your Wondersmile journey, making it easy (and super convenient) to get the smile you will love, from the comfort of your home.

Here are 5 reasons why you should straighten your teeth with Wondersmile Invisible Aligners.

1. Straight teeth can improve your oral health

Having straight teeth can minimise the likelihood of tooth decay and tooth loss while improving your bite, which affects your ability to chew and speak. Aligned teeth also make it easier to brush and floss. With crooked teeth, it’s harder to properly clean the entire surface of each tooth and get rid of food that's stuck between teeth. Did you know that straight teeth also allow gums to fit naturally around your teeth? This promotes optimal gum health, keeping periodontal problems at bay.

2. Straight teeth can make you feel more confident

Straightening teeth is a great way to boost confidence without having to make any major changes to your appearance. If you love your smile, you're likely to smile more, which can make you look and feel happier. While this might not be the sole source for your confidence, many of our customers reported that they were much more confident after having their teeth straightened than before treatment.

3. Straight teeth are less likely to wear, chip or break

Yes, it’s true! As any dentist will tell you, crooked, crowded and protruding teeth are more vulnerable to wear, chip or break. Teeth work best when they support each other. Did you know that tooth enamel is arranged so that most of its strength is focused on the direction that bite force is supposed to come from? Teeth are protected from sideways forces by standing straight together. When teeth are crooked, they are more likely to experience forces they can’t handle. This can result in tooth wear, and often in more serious cases chipping or cracking.

4. Crooked teeth can be painful

Crooked teeth can put excess strain on your jaw. When your bite isn't aligned properly, your teeth and jaw won't be able to “work” the way they were designed. That means that over time, the muscles of your jaw can become strained, which in some cases can cause chronic headaches. Straightening your teeth can help reduce the risk of pain related issues caused by misaligned teeth.

5. Teeth straightening technology is better than ever

Technological advancements in teeth straightening means that you can skip the procedures and operations that you may not require to achieve the smile you want. Our orthodontic team utilise the latest 3D technology to accurately render a digital image of your teeth, so that they can design a customised treatment that works specifically for you and only you. You will be able to see a 3D video of how your teeth will shift overtime before committing to your journey.

Ready for your new smile with clear aligners?

Wondersmile Invisible Aligners are a fast and easy way to say hello to a confident smile. With a 1-year treatment guarantee, our teeth-straightening treatments are orthodontist-designed and are delivered straight to your door. Our orthodontics team are at the forefront of dental technology so you can expect the best results fast, at a fraction of the cost of braces.

What's the next step on my clear aligner journey?

So you might be asking yourself, am I eligible for Wondersmile Invisible Aligners? The good news is that there are a number of concerns that our Invisible Aligners can fix. Find out whether you’re a candidate for Wondersmile invisible Aligners and get started today!