How to get a confident smile in 3 steps

Smiles are a universal way of saying hello without actually saying “hello!”. We believe that everyone should be comfortable with or even love their smile. Traditional braces straighten the teeth to give you the smile you want but it can take an average of 18 months to get results. They can be complicated, rub against the inside of your mouth to cause ulcers, get food stuck between them and overall, they require quite a bit of maintenance.

Over the past few years, our team at Wondersmile has worked tirelessly with cutting edge technology to ensure that we keep our products simple and efficient. In fact, we’ve managed to refine it down to two products and three simple steps that work with your lifestyle to get the results you want.

Step 1: Get your scan done

Choose between coming to get a scan done at one of our clinics or get started from the comfort of your own home by ordering an impression kit online. If you opt to come to a clinic, our Smile Consultant will go through the process, products and answer any questions you have on treatment.

3d scan at the clinic

At the clinic, a 3D Scan will be taken of your teeth. This is made up of up to 6,000 images to generate a digital map of your smile! The 3D rendering is then sent to our Orthodontic team who will review and assess your suitability.

Rest assured that we maintain strict hygiene which abides by workplace health and safety laws to keep our staff and clients safe.

teeth impression kit

If you’d prefer to do this from home, we can send you an impression kit which contains all you need to get started:

  • Impression trays and putty

  • Easy to read instructions

  • Mouth retractor and gloves for hygiene

  • Free shipping to your home

  • Pre-paid return shipping label

Step 2: Pick your plan

When our Orthodontic team has completed their assessment, a custom treatment plan is created to suit your individual needs which will show you how your teeth will straighten over time.

We have two products to choose from, our All-Day Aligners with a wear time of about 22 hours per day and you can expect to see results in about 6 months or our NightClear Aligners with a wear time of 10 hours overnight. Due to the shorter wear time, on average you would expect to see results in about 9 months.

Step 3: Wear your aligners

Once you’ve chosen your treatment plan, your sets of aligners will be produced and sent out to you. Our invisible aligners are guaranteed free of BPA and phthalates – no nasty chemicals or toxins. If you decide to go with our All-Day aligner treatment, you'll need to change to a new stage every 2 weeks. As for our NightClear aligners, since they're only worn at nighttime, you'll have to wear them for a bit longer and switch to a new stage every 3 weeks.

If you're keen to see how we can transform your smile, book in your assessment today!